Make Mother’s Day A Three Month Tribute!
Here at The Kobuk, we three siblings realize that we hit the jackpot with our great Mom. She not only raised us pretty selflessly, she is our star volunteer at the shop! We love her lots, so we usually don’t wait until Mother’s Day to pamper her with gifts and treats. Hopefully, you feel the same way about your Mom. So, how about signing her up for our special Tea of the Month Club for three months? The arrival of a sweet package of tea, biscuits and recipes each month will remind her how much she is loved each and every day. ( Since it’s just three days away, why not sneak on down to the shop and take advantage of our in-store Mother’s Day Specials of 40% off selected teas? If tea is not Mom’s thing, we know you will find a special gift from our great assortment for your special Mom!

Ode to Mom:
M is for our Mothers, who made us what we are.
O is for the Others, whose kids are quite bizarre!

weeks away!
E for the error you’ll be making if you slack.
R is for “Remember….The Kobuk’s got your back”!