Samovar House Blend

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Hand mixed in Alaska using the same recipe we have used for over 50 years. This black tea contains just the right blend of cinnamon oil, cloves, granulated lemon and orange peel.

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14 reviews for Samovar House Blend

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I love this tea so much! I first had it on vacation 15 years ago at the tea shop and mail order at least 12 bags of it a year. If you love cinnamon, you will love this tea!

  2. Alex

    This tea was given to me by a very dear friend the last time she returned from visiting Alaska. She’s returned back to her village, now, and every time I drink it I think of her. Tastes like happy memories and cinnamon 🙂

  3. Jared

    I’m not usually very fond of hot teas but this tea has become somewhat of a staple for me recently. The flavor is excellent with a subtle sweetness over citrus and cinnamon. The Kobuk is now a routine part of my visits to Anchorage.

    • Nina Bonito Romine

      We are so glad you enjoy it!

  4. Marilyn

    I just found a bag of this tea hidden in a travel bag! It’s now a few years old (but kept in the dark), but I decided to open and try it for the first time. Wow! It’s amazing, especially on cold cloudy days. HIGHLY recommend this tea. No need to any any sweetner as it’s naturally sweet. Yum!

  5. Kathy


  6. Liang

    I tried this tea a few years ago when i visited Kobuk Store, then i bought it about 6 bags on that time
    I just bought the 2 lbs of this tea because I am falling in love with this tea…and I am sure I will buy again and again…..!!!!
    If you like cinnamon and sweet taste (also clove)…BUY THIS TEA…

    • The Kobuk

      We will happily keep you supplied with Samovar!! We’re pleased that you like it!

  7. Eliana

    Love this tea! It’s sweet, it’s warm, and there’s a decaf version. My husband and I really enjoyed it while visiting Anchorage for a couple of cold days. Brought some back with us.

    • The Kobuk

      I hope it reminds of your Alaska trip:)

    • The Kobuk

      I hope each time your drink it, you will be reminded of the beauty of Alaska!

  8. Cathy Book (verified owner)

    My favorite tea of all the ones I’ve had over the years. I’ve been buying this one online for years since I wandered into the shop while visiting so long ago.

  9. James Vincent Larson

    Wow! Delicious. Does this have Licorice Root? Where does that subtle sweetness come from?

    • Nina Bonito Romine

      Hi James, so glad you enjoy the Samovar! No licorice root (although both Sassy and Drowsy Bear have it) but cinnamon oil and citrus contribute to the sweetness!

  10. Duane

    If you haven’t tasted this tea, but have heard or read all the rave reviews, you probably are skeptical about it being that good. IT IS THAT GOOD!!! A taste unlike any other tea, with the clove and citrus and cinnamon – truly amazing. You will not be disappointed!

  11. Katherine Moon

    I love tea, but this one is my favorite in the entire world. Doesn’t need sugar or artificial sweeteners. It’s that amazing. I’ve never been to Alaska, just heard about it on a podcast and my husband bought it. If I ever do get to Alaska I will need to bring an extra bag so I can bring a few pounds back home.

  12. Carolina Weiland

    shall I compare thee to a summers day? No, because a summers day pales— nay — perishes in comparison to Kobuck’s Samovar Tea. May God bless the next ten —nay — twenty generations of the current tea maker’s lineage. 5 stars. No notes.

  13. Connie

    Best tea ever!

  14. Cathy (verified owner)

    I was never really a fan of tea. Then, I tried the Russian Samovar House Blend, by the Kobuk and it was love at first slip. I have not been able to duplicate its taste at any other tea house or restaurant. This tea is uniquely robust, but sweet, NOT bitter and flavorful. It is good for people who do not like the tannins’ bitter taste in their tea. I use the regular, caffeine product, soaked overnight, with three teaspoons of product, to wake up in the morning.

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